Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Before One More Minute

The short story I wrote for the Tick Tock: A Stitch in Crime anthology is about a woman who is making a major change in her life. She faces great danger in doing so and has a limited amount of time to pack up her life and leave. The title is One More Minute.

S.R. Betler (Three O'Clock Execution) created these amazing badges for each of our stories.

What I love about having my first mystery/crime/thriller story published in an anthology is the great collaborate effort all the authors and publication team are making to promote the book. Each story is unique, yet holds true to the theme: a time sensitive story.

The main character in my story is someone who has kept a journal throughout her adult life. I shared an excerpt on C. Lee McKenzie's blog (Heartless) this week, on how they got their Golden Retriever Bo. I'll share another entry here.

March 25, 20--
Well, Mother Nature had her last laugh. She dumped several inches of snow on us last night. Bo, in true puppy form, wasn't daunted in the least. He leapt out the door and immediately stuck his nose into the snow, coming up with a comical goatee. It reminded me of when the boys were small and I shared my ice cream cone with them. They took a taste, looked up with big eyes, and stuck their tongues out for more, licking their lips trying to get all the creamy sweetness. They each had a dollop of ice cream on their noses, just like Bo's snow wash!

I'd rather be prepping my gardens today instead of shoveling snow. I bought the boys light shovels so they can help me. Of course, Grayson just drove over the snow and went to work.

Bo becomes a loyal companion to this lonely mother and wife. Read about her and the rest of the unfortunate characters in Tick Tock: A Stitch in Crime anthology from Dancing Lemur Press. Coming May 1, 2018. It will thrill and delight you!

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Mary Aalgaard is a playwright and piano/theater teacher, living in the heart of Minnesota. She writes theater reviews and supports the arts through her blog Play off the Page. She teaches youth theater workshops in the Brainerd lakes area, writes articles for regional magazines, and works with both seniors and youth in multi-generational programs to enhance quality of life and build community. Her website is You can follow her on her Playoff the Page Facebook page, @MaryAalgaard on Twitter, and email her at


  1. A puppy playing in snow is always fun to watch.

  2. Can't go wrong with a Golden Retriever!

  3. You made me love your story more with that excerpt. You were a great guest to have you on my blog, Mary!

  4. Congrats! Your story sounds awesome. Love Bo already!


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