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Three O’Clock Execution - S.R. Betler

About S.R.:

I was born and raised in upstate New York, but now I find myself in Nowhere, Kentucky, writing, reading, and plotting world domination.

When I was young, I decided I was going to be a paleontologist. Then, I realized I hate heat, so that didn’t seem like a good fit. I considered becoming a ninja, but after giving myself a black eye—twice—because I can’t jerk a fishing game to catch a fish and move my head out of the way at the same time, that seemed like a bad idea. So I became a writer. Why not?

My first love is low fantasy, but I’ve been known to cheat with other genres (shh, I won’t tell if you don’t). I spend my days building worlds, while preventing my husband and offspring from destroying this one (you’re welcome).

In my free time (what’s that?), when I’m not writing, I also enjoy reading. Pretty much anything I can get my grubby, little hands on. I have a to-be-read pile that makes me question when I’ll ever be able to sleep. In fact, I should probably just work on evolving to not need sleep anymore. I mean, right after this nap.

My preferred genres are YA, fantasy, and maybe a splattering of science fiction. To a smaller degree, biographies and memoirs. Okay, let’s be honest, there’s few books I wouldn’t at least give a try (re: what is sleep, anyway?).

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Tick Tock: A Stitch In Crime

Three O’Clock Execution by S.R. Betler

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